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Android distribution numbers for March 2016 show Marshmallow making progress

Android Distribution March 2016

Marshmallow has had a very slow growth on Android distribution graphs published by Google. And to be fair, only Nexus devices had it at first, with a few less-than-popular phones like the Moto X Pure Edition receiving it soon after. But in the last month, Marshmallow nearly doubled its place on the charts.

Last month, Marshmallow accounted for just 1.2% of all devices that checked into Google Services, and now it’s at 2.3%. Yes, it’s still tiny, but it’s an improvement. We’re now seeing more popular flagships receiving the update, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are now available for purchase on some carriers. And in the next few months, we should see a lot of major devices receiving the update.

Though the number for Marshmallow devices remains small, we should see it skyrocket in the next few months. It’ll definitely be interesting to see just how much it goes up.

Source: Android Developer

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