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B&H posts price for LG G5 Cam Plus module

B&H LG G5 Cam Plus module

The LG G5 is a very unique phone in that there are modules to augment its functionality. Pull out the bottom, insert the new module, and you have something cool, like an DAC or a camera grip. LG has announced a camera grip with physical controls, and a audio DAC for high-quality music.

Unfortunately, no official pricing has been announced, so we’ve been left to wonder if the accessories would be affordable. B&H has posted the Cam Plus module on its site with a price, and though we don’t know if it’s an official price, it may be. The module is $69.99, which gets you a grip for more comfortable photography, controls for the shutter, zoom, and video recording, an LED indicator, and an extra 1200mAh to bump the G5′s total battery capacity up to 4000mAh.

It’s not that expensive for what it gets you, but it’s not particularly cheap either. Fans of the LG G5 camera will surely buy one of these for trips and adventures. LG may be onto something with these modules, but only time will tell.

Source: B&H

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