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Deal: Save $50 on Nexus 5X and up to $100 on Nexus 6P


Nexus fans aren’t suffering from a lack of deals lately. While nothing is likely to unseat the Project Fi offer of a $199 Nexus 5X for new Project Fi customers, a $50 discount on the already low-priced Nexus 5X is not too shabby, and the Nexus 6P has a couple deals of its own.

Today you have two different options to save yourself $50 off either the 16GB or 32GB version of the 5X.

The first option is from B&H and includes free shipping and no sales tax as long as you aren’t in New York. The only option they are missing is the Mint/Ice 32GB.

As it happens, the Google Store is celebrating its first birthday and is offering the exact same deal. You can check out the full complement of Nexus 5X options at the Google Store, As this is published the 16GB Mint/Ice version is the only one that is out of stock. Shipping is free, but you are going to be on the hook for sales tax.

Now, lest the Nexus 6P feel neglected, let’s take a look at its offers.

B&H is upping the ante slightly for the pricier Nexus and is not only taking $50 off the price, but it’s also throwing in a $50 gift card. Considering the wealth of products available at B&H, that’s almost as good as cash. Again, there’s free shipping and no tax for anyone not in New York.

And finally, the Nexus 6P direct from the Google Store. You will save the same $50 as with the Nexus 5X and, at the moment, you will still eligible for a $50 credit towards a Huawei Watch as well. Check out the full list of Nexus 6P options on the Google Store. The two big differences are the 128GB option that B&H doesn’t carry and the Frost option.

If all this talk of the Android Beta Program has been too exciting for you, now is your chance to swim in the dangerous Android N waters.

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