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Fossil announces Q Wander And Q Marshal Android Wear smartwatches

Fossil Q Founder Q Marshal

Fossil got into the Android Wear game late last year with the Q Founder, a high-end Android Wear smartwatch by a company that is famous for its traditional analog watches. It showed us that Android Wear is intriguing even old school watch makers, giving more legitimacy to the young smartwatch market.

Now Fossil has announced two more smartwatches based on Android Wear called the Q Wander (left) and Q Marshal (right). They are 44mm and 46mm in diameter, respectively, and are designed to be slimmer. The Q Wander is the fancier model, while the Q Marshal is designed to look rugged. They will also offer silicone straps.

Fossil Q Founder Q Marshal 2

Other than running Android Wear and utilizing wireless charging, we don’t know much about these two new watches. But they definitely look good, so we’re interested to hear about the specs when they launch later this year. Are you interested in a Fossil smartwatch? Leave a comment!

Source: Fossil, PR Newswire

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