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Google announces Fiber Phone, a landline service for Fiber users

Google Fiber Phone

Cellphones may pretty much rule the world, but landlines aren’t quite dead yet. Many people still use landlines for a few reasons, one of which is call quality. Though VoLTE is aiming to improve call quality on cellphones, the quality of a landline and a good phone can’t be beat.

Google has announced a new landline service called Fiber Phone, an extension of the Fiber internet service currently offered in select cities. It’s a VoIP service, so it’s all over the internet. It’ll cost $10 a month for domestic calls, and international rates will be identical to those currently offered to Google Voice users.

You’ll be provided a Fiber Voice box for use with any home phone, as the service does not come with the phone. You’ll get features like caller ID, call waiting, and whatever you’re used to with a landline, plus more. Voicemails can be transcribed and emailed to you while you’re out of the house, and you can even have Fiber Phone route calls to your cell phone if you’re not home.

Fiber Phone seems like an awesome service for those who still value landlines. It’s coming to only a few areas for testing, but will eventually roll out to all Fiber cities. Do you guys still use landlines, and would you pay for Fiber Phone? Leave a comment!

Source: Google Fiber Blog

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