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Google introduces Destinations to simplify trip planning

Google HQ

Google is a company that’s constantly working to make things easier, simpler and more intuitive for its customers. Today, Google is taking the wraps off of its latest creation, Destinations on Google. Destinations is a new feature of Google Search that aims to simplify trip planning, allowing you to take advantage of a simple, straightforward planning process right from within Google Search, saving you the hassle of switching between tabs to compare different info.

Destinations is simple enough to utilize: just add the word “destination” to your search for a travel spot. By using that keyword, Google will instantly combine the information gathered from Google Search, Google Flights and Hotel Search to provide you with a comprehensive way to plan your trip.

You can also search for activities at your destination, and Google will provide the best results that tie into when and where you’re looking to go. To aid in the when question, Google is offering a flexible dates filter, which allows you to look at prices and activities over a range of dates, without choosing the exact dates that you’ll be at your destination. You can also tap on the Explore Tab within destinations, which will inform you of the usual weather and the level of business during your selected date range.

Once you’ve decided on a destination, you can tap on Plan a Trip, which will show the highs and lows of trip planning over the next six months. As you slide left and right over the date range, Google will show you an estimated price for your trip and will instantly update the price to match real-time fares and rates, all based off of the data that the company handles through Google Flights and Hotel Search. Users can further customize the results through a number of variables, such as flights with or without stops, hotel class, and more.

To cap it all off, Destinations can help you find the best things to do while you’re on your trip. Simply type in your destination’s name plus the word travel and it’ll bring up the best suggestions based on past itineraries by users. It’ll also take into account the time of year that you’ll be traveling and keep that in mind when providing you with results.

Destinations is a fantastic new tool from Google that’s going to make travel planning far easier for many. For more info and .GIFs of all the features in action, just follow the source link below.

Source: Google

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