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Head of Android talks about the N preview

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Head of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer put up a post on Medium talking about the new Android N preview, and there are some interesting tidbits. He speaks about how far Android has come for developers, and where Android N will be improving.

The biggest improvement is obvious, and that’s getting the preview out so early. It’s also said that Google plans to release the final version of Android N to OEMs this summer, so both developers and OEMs can get their software and hardware ready for the new version of Android faster. There’s also the new Android Beta Program, which allows you to get the preview builds as OTAs on your supported device easier.

Last but not least, he teased the new name of Android N. Though he claims it is unnamed, he says “We’re nut tellin’ you yet.” Could this be another brand name? Android 7.0 Nutella sounds pretty appealing to us. 

Source: Medium

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