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HTC 10 hype isn’t slowing down, touting a ‘world first, world class’ camera


HTC is last out of the gate with a flagship device this year, but they are doing everything they can to make sure you stay on board the HTC 10 hype train rather than pick up a Galaxy S7, S7 edge or LG G5.

We’ve seen the HTC 10 from every angle, but the one main talking point for HTC has consistently been the camera. Even after seeing what the competition had to offer, HTC has been adamant that what they have is going to be more compelling. Not exactly informative, but hey that’s not how hype works. Today’s tweet is hardly more elucidating.

Today’s hype focuses on the camera, and HTC has been on the forefront with its cameras at times. Moving to UltraPixel rather than participating in the megapixel race was perhaps ahead of its time, but in the end it fell short of what consumers wanted. Here we again have HTC laying claim to a “World First,” and hopefully this time around the world’s first they have created ends with a positive consumer experience.

The tweet also mentions “Front and Back” suggesting that both front and rear cameras will be groundbreaking in some way.

Samsung has really outdone themselves in the last two years with its cameras, held up almost unanimously as the best camera in any smartphone on the market. So unless it is pure bravado, we can’t wait to see what HTC thinks it has on the S7. Truly we hope they do have something that lives up to this hype.

What do you think HTC could do with the cameras on the 10 to outshine the Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5?

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