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HTC 10 teased again, this time it’s all about the performance

HTC 10 Performance teaser

HTC isn’t shying away from teasing its upcoming flagship, known right now as the HTC 10, and here we are again with another straightforward hint at what people should expect to see in the company’s next big phone.

HTC took to Twitter again to release a dark image showcasing a dark phone, with just enough light to show off the capacitive face buttons (Recent Apps and Back), and what appears to be an elongated fingerprint reader. Underneath that is the Performance tease, to the 10th power. There’s nothing much else in the picture, but HTC included, “Not all phones are created equal. The fastest and smoothest Android. You’ll feel it. #powerof10,” in the tweet.

At this point, HTC has teased just about everything we’ve come to expect in teasers. That includes the camera, the audio, and whatever “the power of 10” is. All of the teases are leading up to April 12, when HTC has plans to show off the HTC 10 in all of its glory.

Unfortunately, none of the teases are telling us anything solid just yet. The rumor mill, though, believes the performance part of the HTC 10 will come from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, along with 4GB of RAM. Other rumors have suggested the HTC 10 will boast a 5.1-inch display, with a resolution of 2560×1440, and that a 12-UltraPixel camera will be positioned on the back.

Are you looking forward to the HTC 10?

Source: @HTC

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