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Instagram to ditch chronological feed, moving to timeline tailored towards individuals


Instagram is a very simple social network. All you see is a chronological timeline of all the photos and videos that people you follow have posted. This means everything is in order, which is ideal for a lot of people, but it also means you may miss posts from your favorite people if you don’t go through your entire feed.

Instagram is planning to change that by organizing your feed based on the people you care most about, so their posts will show up first. You’ll still see all the images — none will be filtered out of your feed — but the organization will change.

I can imagine some people will dislike this change, as it’ll be disorienting seeing posts out of order, but it might improve the experience for many more people that use Instagram more casually. The change will be rolling out in the coming months. We’ll just wait and see how well Instagram will manage to organize the feed for each individual person.

Source: Instagram Blog

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