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LG UX 5.0 video showcases some of the new custom software features in the G5

LG UX 5.0

One of the features of the upcoming LG G5 is its proprietary software, called LG UX 5.0. In honor of the Life’s Good crew’s newest flagship arriving soon, the company has put together a quick video showcasing the new software features that future owners should expect to find in their new device.

The video starts with Friends — LG Friends, to be specific — and showcases how LG handles the G5 being a home base for a variety of different accessories, like the LG Cam Plus, the LG 360 Cam, and the LG Hi-Fi Plus. It quickly moves into the camera, covering all of the new features that LG put together. One of them is Auto Shot, which will determine when you’re posing for a selfie and automatically snap the photo for you so you don’t have to worry about tapping the shutter button. There are several film filters, too, and the Multi-View feature will let you create a photo or video collage quickly and easily.

LG is also offering a trio of home options. The first is the new Home, which basically puts all of your installed app icons on the home screen. There’s also the Easy Home option, which makes the font bigger and has a simple layout. And, finally, the traditional Home and App Drawer home screen, which puts the more traditional design to task.

The video shows off LG Health as well, which studies your activity patterns and lets you know about exercise goals to reach; the ability to reinstall apps that you’ve uninstalled in the previous 24 hours; and Smart Doctor, which keeps tabs on your phone’s health. And if you’re upgrading to the G5 from an older Android device, LG Backup will let you wirelessly transfer content from that old handset to the new and shiny one.

You can check out the video below.

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