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Nextbit has canceled the Robin variants for Sprint and Verizon


Back in September of last year, in light of a successful crowd-sourced campaign, Nextbit announced that it would be bringing its cloud-focused Robin smartphone to Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

However, a few months after that, the delay announcements began to trickle in, pushing those variants to a launch in February of 2016, and then March, before the final delay pushed the release into April of this year. We’re now a little over two weeks into March, and Nextbit CEO Tom Moss has confirmed another delay, but this one appears to be permanent. According to the company’s chief, the Sprint and Verizon variants of the Robin have officially been canceled.

According to the official statement, the cancelation is due to “misguided information” from the carrier partners that Nextbit was working with, and unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a solution to the issue. As a result, anyone that backed the Verizon and Sprint variant will be given a full refund within 48 hours and will also receive a 25% discount for the Nextbit online store.

An interesting, if not unfortunate turn of events to be sure.

Source: Nextbit

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