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Nintendo’s Miitomo launches in the U.S. on March 31

Nintendo Miitomo

Back in October, Nintendo revealed that its first official mobile app would be called Miitomo, and that it wasn’t really a game, per se, and that it wouldn’t include any of Nintendo’s famous characters. It launched in Japan not too long ago and has already had hundreds of hours sunk into it, and now it’s finally coming to the United States.

Nintendo officially announced today that Miitomo is headed to the US on Thursday, March 31. It will also be available in several other countries across the globe on the same day, including the United Kingdom. Nintendo is offering future Miitomo users a chance to pre-register to know when the app is available, and hand out Nintendo Platinum Points as part of the company’s rewards program. It’ll be available for Android and iOS.

Miitomo is an interesting social experience, where the user creates a Mii (Nintendo’s avatar), and lets the user even alter its personality and voice. The app will also ask a variety of questions, including, “If you were given 10 grand to spend in one day, what would you do?”, and then share the responses to your friends that are also using the app. They can like your response with a heart, or they can respond via a text or picture reply.

There are mini-games in the title, which allows the user to win new clothes for their Mii, and users can also take pictures of the digital creation to share on social networks, too.

Do you plan on checking out Miitomo when it launches later this week?

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