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OnePlus launches OnePlus Gallery app for its users

OnePlus Gallery

OnePlus has always tended to do things a bit differently than most manufacturers. One of the things that OnePlus chooses to do is to release software and apps specific to its devices, in an effort to create the best experience possible for its customers. Today OnePlus is launching a new app for OnePlus 2 users. The new app is dubbed, “OnePlus Gallery,” and is exactly what it sounds like: a replacement for the traditional photo gallery app on OnePlus devices.

OnePlus is pitching OnePlus Gallery as a simple, straightforward alternative to some of the bloated gallery apps currently on the market. OnePlus Gallery is designed for offline usage and uses automatic organizing to group photos together in collections based on the source they came from.

The app isn’t quite so bare-bones that it completely ditches any additional functions. OnePlus Gallery still offers some simple editing options, such as the abilities to crop, freely resize photos and draw on top of photos to add a bit of your own flair.

At the moment, OnePlus Gallery is only available to OnePlus 2 users running OxygenOS 2.2.1. OnePlus will announce compatibility with more of its devices in the near future. If you’re using a compatible device, you can follow the source link below to download it for yourself from the Google Play Store.

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Source: OnePlus Gallery (Google Play Store)

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