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Pebble Time and Time Round getting $50 price reduction, EU prices improved


The Pebble series of smartwatches have been very successful, beating Android Wear to the market and undercutting it in terms of costs. What’s not to love about a smartwatch filled with features and a battery that lasts all week on one charge? And with the success of the new Pebble Time line and Pebble Health, which two-thirds of Time users use it at least weekly, the company is dropping the price on two of its models.

The Pebble Time is dropping to $149.99 and the Pebble Time Round is dropping to $199.99, both of which are $50 price cuts. Even better, the company has improved pricing for the UK and EU, including VAT and import fees in the price and making the prices closer to those in the US. On top of that, the Time Round will now be available in the UK and EU in retail stores.

If you bought one of the models that dropped in price after January 21, you can email Pebble and get the price adjusted. Hit the source link for more info.

Are you still rocking a Pebble? Are you considering buying one at only $150? Leave a comment!

Source: Pebble Blog

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