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Pre-order the LG G5 from AT&T and get a second one for free


There are quite a few people who are planning to pass on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in favor of the LG G5. If that’s you and you don’t mind being on AT&T’s network, you could get yourself two LG G5′s for the price of one. AT&T’s LG G5 BOGO offer gives you $695 in bill credit over 30 months when you pick up a second LG G5 with an AT&T Next payment plan. Yes, you will need a qualifying line for the second LG G5 as well, but it’s still an amazing deal if you and a family member are looking to get new phones.

With all the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge BOGO offers that have popped up over the past week, we wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint join in with their own LG G5 BOGO promotions.

Source: AT&T

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