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Rumor: HTC to build Google’s Nexus phones for three years

HTC Nexus 9 (5)

It’s been rumored for a while that HTC and Google are working on two Nexus phones for 2016, but a new report has surfaced which claims that we will be seeing even more HTC-built Nexus devices in the future. According to the report, HTC and Google have worked out a deal which puts HTC in line to build Nexus phones for three years. If we assume the deal start with the two 2016 Nexus phones, we should see additional HTC-built devices with a Nexus logo on the back in 2017 and 2018.

HTC and Google had a very close relationship when Android was introduced. HTC build the first prototype hardware for Android (Google Sooner), the first commercial Android phone (T-Mobile G1) , the first Android developer phone (Android Dev Phone 1) and the Nexus One. This partnership helped HTC solidify its position as the top Android smartphone manufacturer. Google eventually turned to Samsung to build two Nexus devices and LG was selected to build three. While Nexus phones have never been popular among regular consumers, the manufacturers who have built the phones have benefited greatly through their close partnership with Google.

There’s no guarantee that securing a three-year Nexus deal will have an impact on HTC’s flailing smartphone business, but it definitely won’t hurt.

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