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Samsung Galaxy S7 pre-orders fall below Galaxy S6 numbers


No, this is not a doom and gloom article about the Samsung Galaxy S7. While industry sources in South Korea are reporting that pre-order numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 have not been as strong as they were for the Galaxy S6 last year, that does not mean that Samsung is doomed. The report claims that the South Korean consumers are generally less keen to pre-order smartphones than they were a year ago since the price of the phone through their service providers isn’t made available until later. Waiting until the phone actually goes on sale allows potential Galaxy S7 buyers to find the best deal on the phone, especially if they are planning on switching from one service provider to another.

One major factor that was not mentioned is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It’s unclear if the larger phone was included in the pre-order estimates for 2016. If pre-orders for the two models are counted separately, that could be the main reason why the numbers for the Galaxy S7 are lower than last year. Consumers appear to be more interested in picking up the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which would lead to fewer pre-orders of the standard S7.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge appear to be the must-have Android smartphones of 2016. We’ll have to wait a month or two to see if the phones will outsell last year’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, but we doubt anyone at Samsung is worried that LG, Sony, Huawei or Xiaomi¬†will be taking its place as the most popular¬†Android smartphone manufacturer in 2016.

Source: Business Korea

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