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T-Mobile adds YouTube as a Binge On partner along with other services


Back in December of last year, after T-Mobile launched its BingeOn video streaming service, accusations of “throttling” video were pretty rampant, especially when YouTube stepped in and said that the Magenta carrier was throttling its video content for subscribers despite the fact it wasn’t a proper Binge On partner.

But things change, and even two companies that didn’t see eye-to-eye a few months ago can come around to seeing things different, given enough time and conversation. That’s apparently what happened here, as T-Mobile CEO John Legere officially announced today that T-Mobile is adding even more new partners to Binge On, and one of them is YouTube.

The other new additions are Discovery GO, Fox Business, Baeble Music, ESNE, FilmOn.TV, Red Bull TV, KlowdTV, and Google Play Movies.

The biggest name on the list of new partners is YouTube, though, and apparently Legere had conversations with the folks at YouTube and also made some changes to the way Binge On works. The first of these is allowing video providers to exclude their content from BingeOn “optimizations.” Up until now, any video streamed to a T-Mobile customer’s device that had the BingeOn feature turned on would optimize the video to 480p, regardless of whether or not the content provider was a BingeOn partner. Now those providers can just say “no” and their content won’t be optimized. T-Mobile will add those providers to a dedicated site, so customers can see which video providers aren’t part of the Binge On optimizations.

The other change sees providers doing the optimizations, and no longer leaving it up to T-Mobile to optimize the video. YouTube is the first provider to go this route, but it doesn’t seem like it will take too long before the other providers start doing it, too.

Now that YouTube is part of Binge On, is that enough to get you to switch to T-Mobile?

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