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Android N Developer Preview 2 is now available


While we may not know its official name yet, the second Developer Preview of Android N is now available for interested parties. Last month, Google launched the first Developer Preview of Android N, allowing developers and enthusiasts alike to take a look at an early build of the next version of Android. This second build squashes bugs, improves features, and even adds in a few things, so let’s take a look at what’s changing.

The first addition is Vulkan, which is a new 3D rendering API. Vulkan offers more GPU utilization for developers and can significantly increase performance in apps which depend on draw-call. Also new are launcher shortcuts, which allow apps to define shortcuts that contain an intent into specific points within an app. These shortcuts can be placed in the launcher and can be used for purposes such as quickly sending a message to a specified contact or navigating home with just a single tap.

Also notable is the new support for the emoji unicode 9. This new design offers more human-looking emoji and also includes skin tone variations and some new emoji, such as a selfie emoji.

Per usual, this new build also contains plenty of bug fixes and API changes that should generally help to create a smoother and more stable OS. That being said, this is a developer preview and is not intended as a daily driver. For more info and details on downloading the preview, follow the source link below.

Source: Android Developers

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