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BlackBerry will launch two mid-range Android phones this year


The BlackBerry Priv is not only BlackBerry’s first Android phone, but it’s also a high-end one. Unfortunately, it isn’t selling as well as the company had hoped. BlackBerry sold 600,000 phones in the first three months of 2016, which was less than expected. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many of them were Privs.

Understanding that the Priv was quite an expensive device and many potential enterprise customers were not willing to pay so much, chief executive John Chen said that there will be two mid-range Android-based phones released this year.

Though almost no detail was given, Chen did say that one of the devices will have a hardware keyboard (which BlackBerry is famous for) and the other will be full touchscreen. There’s no release date, but they should be significantly cheaper than the Priv’s original $750 price tag. Chen hinted at a price around $400.

Would you buy a mid-range BlackBerry Android smartphone with that sweet physical keyboard? Let us know in the comments!

Via: Android Police

Source: The National

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