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Google announces MODE snap-and-swap bands for Android Wear

Android Wear MODE

For Android Wear fans out there, Google is aiming to make it even easier to customize your wearable experience with easily swappable bands.

Google has just announced MODE, which are snap-and-swap bands that should make it easier than ever before to change your band when you want. MODE is a partnership between Google and b&nd by Hadley Roma, and it means that you’ll be able to slide a small button on the bottom of the band and then easily attach or detach the band with a simple click.

Google says the MODE bands fit “most Android Wear watches,” and the bands come in fourth widths. They work on mechanical watches, too. The first batch of MODE bands will come “in a rainbow of colors,” and they will be available in both leather and silicone.

The company is also making sure this is just the beginning, and will offer the ability for brands to create their own MODE bands. Those interested can check out a vendor playbook, which includes instructions, guidelines, and band requirements.

The new MODE Android Wear bands are available from the (U.S.) Google Store, Best Buy, and Amazon. Prices start at $49.99.

What do you think of the new MODE bands?

Source: Official Android Blog

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