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Google Calendar adds ‘Find a time’ feature to make scheduling meetings even easier

Google Find a Time calendar

Google Calendar continues to bring new features to the table to make it even easier to use and also make it easier for you to schedule your busy days.

Google has officially announced a new feature called “Find a time,” which is built specifically for Google Apps for Work and Edu users. It’s a pretty simple concept: Simply tap on the Find a time button and Google Calendar will automatically pick out a time that works best for an upcoming meeting, for yourself and for anyone else that’s invited to the meeting.

The app looks through the availability of you and those invited and then picks a few different times for you to select as the final meeting date and time. You’ll be able to see colleagues’ schedules, too.

For the situations where someone’s schedule is just too cramped to make it work, “Find a time” will work to tell you who has the conflicting times and work on a reschedule.

Google is positioning the new feature for Work and Edu users for now, because those groups frequently share their calendars with one another for scheduling purposes. The new feature is rolling out for Android users beginning today.

What do you think of the feature?

Source: Google for Work Blog

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