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Google Calendar now offers ‘Goals’ to help you reach your next milestone

Google Cal Goals

For the folks out there that lead busy lives but still want to find the right time to reach their next goal, like biking, or running, or working out three times a week, Google Calendar is here to help out.

Google is officially launching “Goals” within its Calendar app. With it, Google Calendar users will be able to input something like “run three times a week” and Calendar will figure out the best possible times for you to achieve that goal, based on the variety of different meetings and important dates on your schedule.

Inputting something as general as “work out more” will have Calendar offer up a few questions, including “how often?” or “best time?” and from there Calendar will figure out the best time slots for you to get the job done. And if you add another event at some point down the road that conflicts with that goal’s allotted time, Calendar will automatically find you another time slot that works.

Google says Calendar will get better at scheduling your goals every week the more often you use the feature, so as time goes on it will get more precise and work even better with your schedule.

Goals for Google Calendar is available right now, both for Android and iOS.

What do you think of the Goals feature?

Source: Google Official Blog

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