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Google Now expresses sympathy over someone’s loss of their father

We are all aware that Google knows too much about us. But Google Now has been more of a helpful assistant, good at responding to commands and not much more. However, it seems Google Now has a bit of a human side to it, although it’s a mix of endearing and a bit creepy.

A reddit user by the name of barney13 asked to see photos from his trip to Nice, France, and Google Now responded with this:

“Firstly let me express my deepest sympathy to you, your mum and the whole family at your loss. Your dad was a fantastic man as I am sure you already know.”

Apparently, Google Now knows this because it had read an email he received from a family friend over five years ago. It’s sweet, but it’s also a little worrying that Google not only knows these things, but uses this information. Plus, I can imagine some people wouldn’t want to be reminded of this.

Either way, it’s an endearing story and the user who experienced this is not displeased at Google Now’s reaction. What do you think of the story? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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