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Google Photos adding more powerful search in latest update


Google Photos is one of those apps that nearly every Android user has on their device, but not everyone uses. Nonetheless, Google is continuing to improve the service with frequent updates that add and improve features, both in an effort to keep current users happy and in an attempt to draw in new users. This latest update from Google Photos brings in a few notable features that you should definitely know about.

First off is an improved search experience that is clearly changed from the existing search experience. Google Photos now features a prominent search bar at the top of the UI. Users can tap the search bar and type in their query to instantly begin searching, or they can simply tap the search bar and scroll down to see faces, places, and photo types to help narrow the search category down.

Also added is the ability to customize the movies that the app automatically creates. Users can now add their own music, photos and videos to these automatically created movies. Additionally, users can now rename and delete user-created device folders right from Google Photos. Managing files and folders on SD cards has also been simplified.

The update is now rolling out to Android devices and will be available for iOS in the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts on the new features?

Source: Google Photos (G+)

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