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Google Photos adds manual backup and emoji search


Users of Google Photos have a new update headed their way, and this one includes a couple interesting features. The first, and arguably most important, new few feature is the ability to manually back up photos. In the past, Google Photos has only allowed users to automatically back up photos, making it all or nothing. Not everyone wants to back up all of their photos, so Google is allowing users to now manually backup individual photos.

To utilize this, users simply need to select photos, tap the three dot menu and then press “Back Up Now”. With that, only the photos you’ve selected will be backed up in Google Photos.

Additionally, this update includes the ability to search photos with an emoji. While not the most useful feature in the world, this is a fun way to search for your photos, based on whether or not the app thinks they match an emoji.

Follow the source link below to download Google Photos for yourself.

Via: Google Photos (G+)

Source: Google Photos (Play Store)

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