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Google Play Music is launching Podcasts on April 18

Google Play Music

Months back, we got word from Google that the company would be launching podcast support directly within Google Play Music. Well, that was back in October, and the company has maintained radio silence since then, with the only updates being random testing of the interface for some users. But today brings in new hope for those awaiting Google Play Music Podcasts. Android Police has received a tip showing an embargoed email from NPR to its members, which provided the news that Play Music Podcasts will be launching on April 18.

While we can’t be absolutely sure on this date, it seems likely, considering the amount of time that’s passed since Google announced the feature. Additionally, some customers have been able to test the new interface, showing that Google has continued to work on it in the background. With any luck, interested users will be able to access Play Music Podcasts by Monday.

We’ll keep you informed if it does happen to launch on Monday. Stay tuned.

Source: Android Police

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