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HTC Boost+ is a phone cleaner that’s currently in testing


Phone cleaners were once a sweeping phenomenon on Android phones. Dozens of third-party phone cleaners existed, and manufacturers began to create their own phone cleaners that they would pre-load on devices. But as Android has advanced, the operating system has become capable of completing all the functions of phone cleaners, although usually far more effectively. Nonetheless, phone manufacturers continue to offer them, and now HTC is getting on the game.

Through its preview program, HTC is currently testing a new phone cleaner app called Boost+. Boost+ can function on non-HTC phones, as well, and performs all of the standard functions of phone cleaners, such as clearing the cache and RAM of your device. Additionally, users can use Boost+ to lock apps, although the lock screen features ads on it, as a way to monetize the app for HTC.

Due to the nature of phone cleaners, there’s not much of a reason to install Boost+. With Android more effectively performing the functions of phone cleaners, they’ve become redundant and can actually hinder the performance of your device. When you clear the RAM and shut down all of the apps, your battery life and performance will suffer as all of those services are forced to restart themselves. Boost+ may be well designed, but it’s inherently flawed by being a phone cleaner.

You can check out some screenshots at the source link below.

Source: Android Police

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