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Inbox by Gmail adds better ways to keep track of events, read newsletters, and more

Inbox by Gmail events2

Inbox by Gmail is actively trying to make the email experience better in general, and one way to do that is to help manage the emails we get every day.

The latest update brings three new features into the fold. The first of which focuses on keeping tabs on events saved to your calendar. Now, Inbox by Gmail will gather emails related to your event and bundle them together, while also letting the user select the event and see any changes that might have been made to it quickly and easily.

Inbox by Gmail events

The update also includes an easy way to preview a newsletter, and tap into the parts you want to read. Once you’ve read through the links you want to check out, the newsletter will automatically shrink to save you space in your inbox.

And finally, Inbox by Gmail will let you save links much easier than before, thanks to “Save to Inbox.” Now you won’t have to email yourself a link, but can instead simply save it to Inbox, which will then group all of your saved links into one place within the app.

The updated Inbox by Gmail should be available soon, both for Android and iOS users.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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