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Kanye’s The Life of Pablo hits Google Play Music and other streaming services

Google Play Music

Kanye’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, released as an exclusive on the music service Tidal. Kanye claimed it would never come to other music services, which made Tidal quite popular for a while. But of course, after the free trials were over, Tidal popularity dropped again. Not that many people were willing to pay for a second music service that lacks most of the music they love.

As expected, the album has finally been released on other music services like Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Why on April Fool’s Day? We don’t know, but Kanye never seemed to be the joking type. To say this is unexpected would be disingenuous. It cannot be purchased, but it can be streamed for those who are subscribed to these services.

If you want to listen to the album, start a free trial of one of these services, or if you already pay for them, just search for it. The link to the album on Google Play Music is below, or here if Spotify is more your thing, so let us know what you think!

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Source: Google Play Music: The Life of Pablo

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