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LG Hi-Fi Plus module not coming to US, Canada, Korea, or Puerto Rico


One of the LG G5‘s main selling features is the modules that LG calls Friends. Two have been shown off so far: the LG Cam Plus (which adds manual camera controls, a grip, and extra battery life) and the B&O-branded LG Hi-Fi Plus (a DAC).

Unfortunately, it seems that the LG Hi-Fi Plus won’t be coming to the US, Canada, Korea, or Puerto Rico. The biggest surprise is LG’s own home country (Korea) not getting the accessory. Whether it’s due to supply issues or certification issues (FCC issues have been rumored in the US) we don’t know, but LG hasn’t said anything but “we don’t have an availability date set.”

With the modules being such a big differentiating factor that seems to be the focus of the LG G5, one of the two main modules not coming to such big markets is a big deal. Can the LG Cam Plus alone entice customers? I don’t think so.

Source: Android Authority

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