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Motorola facing $5 million class action lawsuit over bad warranty service

Moto 360 cracking

Motorola’s warranty has been talked about for quite a while in the Motorola community lately, and in a negative way. With so many first gen Moto 360 owners facing the issue of a cracked back, warranty has been an important part of owning a Moto product.

Unfortunately, it seems Motorola has been failing to provide good customer service. The company isn’t denying warranty, but what it does is arguably a lot worse. The owner sends in the device, and often doesn’t see a replacement for months. Either that, or they receive the wrong model back (multiple times even).

Motorola claims that there are shortages of the device in the repair warehouses, but leaving someone without a device for months is unacceptable. Now a $5 million class action lawsuit has been brought against the company due to all of these warranty issues.

As the owner of a first gen Moto 360 that was warrantied once (and it took over a month to get my watch back) and just had the back crack again out of warranty, I feel the pain of others scorned by Motorola. Have any of you had issues with Motorola? Leave a comment!

Source: TrustedReviews

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