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Nextbit Robin receiving update to Android 6.0.1; additional features included


Last September, a new player entered the Android market. Nextbit is a company founded by former Google employees, and they created the Robin, a device that sells itself upon cloud storage. While the Robin has fair enough specs, its appeal comes from the company’s claim that it will never run out of internal storage. Nextbit uses advanced software within the Robin to determine what should be stored in the cloud and what should be stored on your phone, ensuring that you’ll never run out of storage.

While the Robin never made it to the level of being sold by carriers, it’s done fairly well just being sold by Nextbit. The company has continued to faithfully maintain the Robin, and today brings in another update to carry that trend on. The Nextbit Robin is now receiving its April update, which includes the notable addition of Android 6.0.1, meaning that Robin users can benefit from improved security and a whole host of new emoji.

The update also brings in processor tweaks for better performance and battery life, an improved camera app which is far faster and takes higher quality photos, and new sound driver tuning by Arkamys, which will improve sound quality through both the speakers and the headphone jack.

It’s great to see Nextbit continuing to maintain and improve the Robin through software updates. All in all, this update should bring in some changes that will lead to a stronger overall experience.

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Source: Nextbit Community

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