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Sprint, Verizon announce HTC 10 availability


The HTC 10 is the company’s flagship device for 2016, and while it’s certainly made some changes over past iterations, the final verdict from customers won’t be in until it makes its way into the market. Fortunately, the device is now beginning to launch around the globe, and today brings in availability info from both Sprint and Verizon. Let’s delve in and see what we’re looking at.

Verizon has already put the device up for pre-order, so we’ll begin with them. Interested Verizon customers can now pre-order the HTC 10 for $648 full retail price. If you buy it on a 24-month payment plan, however, you can save some money. Each month you’ll pay $22.83, which, over 24 months, adds up to just $548, knocking $100 off of the price if you stick with the phone for two years.

Sprint doesn’t have pre-orders open just yet, but has announced that the HTC 10 will go up for sale on May 13. It will be available for purchase online, over the phone, and in Sprint stores across the US. Pricing for the Sprint model is set at $26/month for 24 months, which adds up to $624.

We’re still waiting on word from T-Mobile as to when it will begin carrying the device. If you’re simply looking for an unlocked model, you can pre-order that directly from HTC for $699.

Sources: Verizon, Sprint

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