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T-Mobile rolling out EVS voice technology for better phone calls

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As much as people love to say that voice calling is dead thanks to texting and online chats, it’s far from the truth. T-Mobile claims its customers are making almost 600 million calls a day, and over half of those are through Voice over LTE. VoLTE was a big improvement over the archaic cellphone calls of the past, allowing calls to be made¬†over LTE for improved (read: not awful) clarity and quality. And now, T-Mobile is taking the next step and rolling out Enhanced Voice Services (EVS).

EVS will improve call reliability on LTE due to weak signal, improve call quality by using a broader audio frequency range, and will improve both LTE and WiFi calls. And somehow, it’ll benefit you even if the person you’re calling doesn’t have a device that supports EVS.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were updated with EVS support last week, and the LG G5 supports EVS out of the box. T-Mobile plans to add at least four more smartphones to that list by the end of the year.

Though calls are getting rarer as time goes on, they’re still a critical part of communication and it’s great to see T-Mobile continue to improve its network.

Source: T-Mobile

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