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Thanks to Twitter, Fenix has returned to the Google Play Store


Just a few days ago, one of the most popular third-party Twitter apps for Android, Fenix, was pulled from the Google Play Store because the app had reached its token limit.

Now, thanks to some help from Twitter itself, the app has made its triumphant return to the digital store shelves. Developer mvilla has announced that the Fenix app is now available for new users to install and use once again. When the app reached its token limit earlier this week, it meant that new users wouldn’t be able to download the app, but also that mvilla wouldn’t be making any money from the app, either.

However, with the help of Twitter, that’s no longer the case, and it looks like mvilla’s hard work will continue to see plenty of attention moving forward. However, when asked what happened, mvilla could only say that the developer had “been in contact with the Twitter team and they’ve helped to fix the issue.” So what, exactly, Twitter did to help Fenix out remains a mystery.

Are you happy to see Fenix’s return?

Via: @Fenix_app

Source: Fenix (Google Play)

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