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Google Maps Driving Mode may be rolling out to everyone

Google Maps

Google Maps Driving Mode, a feature that has been available to a limited amount of people, allows you to use navigation without actually having a destination. Do you like having your map open to check on traffic and location, but don’t necessarily have a destination in mind? This feature is for you.

The feature is apparently rolling out on a global scale now, and people in many countries are now seeing it on their devices. It’ll be in the left side out menu as “Start driving.” The feature will show you a navigation screen and suggest addresses along the way.

As someone who uses Google Maps all the time even if I know where I’m going, I’ll be using this feature more often. It’s also a nice “mini map” when you’re driving spiritedly (but safely) down a windy road. Let us know if you see it pop up on your device!

Via: Android Police

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