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Android apps will open automatically based on your surroundings and accessories

Android Apps

Depending on the Android smartphone you’re using as your daily driver, plugging in headphones might have different results. Many of them out there will offer up suggestions for apps you’ve got installed, like Spotify. Some might not do anything.

In the future, apps might be getting a bit smarter, and a bit more pushy, too. Today, during the second day of Google I/O, the Mountain View company has published a post on the Google Developers blog that outlines how future Android apps will be contextually aware of what’s around you, from the accessories you’ve got plugged in to whether or not you’re working out. And depending on your surroundings and environment, Android apps might open automatically in hopes of offering up the best possible app for the situation.

Examples range from Spotify opening automatically when you plug in some headphones or switch over to a specific playlist, based on whether or not you’re starting a workout.

TechCrunch outlines that another example could include your camera. If you’re someone that takes a lot of photos when you get to the great outdoors, your future Android device might automatically open up the camera app when you get outside.

That contextual information could be used to give even more metadata to photos, too. You could soon use even more specific queries for wanting to find specific photos, like “sunny days with trees.” The weather for the date you took the photo could be included, meaning you could ask Google Photos to find pictures where it was really cold and it was at night.

So, what do you think? Are suggestions better than automatically opening an app, or vice versa?

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Google Developers Blog

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