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Android Auto will soon no longer require a compatible car system

Android Auto phone 1

Android Auto is an awesome feature, but not everyone has a compatible car. Some new cars are now supporting the feature, but many still aren’t. And if you’re driving an older car, your only hope is installing a very expensive Android Auto head unit, if one even fits in your car.

Fortunately, Google has announced an update to the feature that many have been asking for. You will no longer need Android Auto-compatible hardware, like a head unit or car entertainment system. You’ll be able to use Android Auto on your smartphone.

Android Auto phone 2

This is something that many people have asked for and a few apps have even offered. You will now have a user interface optimized for driving, with giant buttons and necessary apps at your fingertips.

For people that use their smartphone for navigation and hands-free calling, this is a fantastic addition. This feature will be coming later this year, though no specific date was released. How many of you are looking forward to this update?

Via: The Verge

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