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Android N’s seamless update feature won’t be available on current Nexus devices


During its day ine keynote speech at the start of this year’s I/O developer conference, Google officially debuted a new feature that would allow Android devices to automatically update to the latest version of the platform without any major input from the user thanks to tweaks in Android N.

For Google, this meant that once the company released an update out into the wild, they knew that their Nexus-branded handsets would automatically be upgraded with security patches and new features, hopefully making the process just a little bit easier for Nexus owners. It’s a feature that the Android team borrowed from the Chrome OS team, and probably a welcomed one at that.

Unfortunately, with the work that Google had to do to make the seamless update feature a reality, it means it won’t be available on current generation Nexus devices. For Google to make it work on current hardware, they would have to repartition the entire device and it wouldn’t be possible for the end user to get the job done without plugging in their device to a computer. Basically, Google says it’s too much of a hassle to make a reality for current devices out in the market.

That’s a bit unfortunate, but it does at least make sense why it’s a feature that won’t make it to current devices. And for anyone that might be thinking about upgrading later this year to a new Nexus phone, that could be one big reason to make the jump.

Source: Android Police

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