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AT&T Next streamlined to two installment options


With traditional two-year contracts dying out, phone financing options are becoming immensely popular. Every carrier has their own selection, and today, AT&T is updating its AT&T Next program to simplify and refresh it. Previously, AT&T Next featured four different installment options, but this update slashes that in half, and brings it down to two simple options.

The first installment option allows users to upgrade to a new device every year. Users sign into a 24-month financing term and select a device. Then, they make 12 monthly payments that equate to 50% of the device cost. Once the 50% mark is reached, users can trade in the device and select another device for the rest of the 24-month installment period.

The second installment option allows users to upgrade to a new device every two years. With this option, users pay 80% of the phone’s retail price over 24 months. At this point, they can upgrade to a new phone and restart the cycle, or they can continue to pay off the current phone, which will be fully paid off after 30 months.

While these two options are nothing new or revolutionary, it makes it simpler and easier for customers to finance and purchase new devices. The new program will come into effect on June 9, so there are still a couple more weeks until the program is officially official.

What are your thoughts on the refreshed AT&T Next program?

Source: AT&T

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