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Daydream is officially Google’s virtual reality platform


Rumors that Google would announce a VR platform based on Android that have been swirling for weeks now have finally come to a head with the announcement of Daydream, Google’s Android-based VR platform.

Daydream is a platform comprised of many parts that come together to provide a complete higher-end VR experience across devices. Based on Android N, the Daydream software experience is totally optimized for VR and includes a VR ready launcher, Google Play VR, enhanced VR notifications and more. Devices that meet strict guidelines will be Daydream ready, with manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Alcatel, Huawei and more readying Daydream compatible devices for release later this year.

Along with Daydream software, Google is also releasing reference devices including a headset and a controller. Developers are being encouraged to develop content for Daydream now, with support already building. Content supported out of the gate for Daydream includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, MLB, NBA and even official Imax support among others.

As expected, Daydream falls somewhere between Cardboard and devoted headset systems like Vive and Oculus. With wider availability and a presumably much more affordable price tag, Daydream should be highly competitive with all tiers of VR.

Look for more information on Daydream as we get closer to a fall release.

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