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Google announces Android Instant Apps, use applications without installing them

Google Android Instant Apps

What if we didn’t have to download every app to use its features? What if there was a single app that encapsulated all services? Well we have that app, and it’s called a web browser. But using mobile sites isn’t always ideal, and keeping an app around just for occasional use is a waste of your phone’s precious resources.

Enter Android Instant Apps, a new feature announced by Google. If you need to use an app, you can open it without having to install it. Participating apps will be designed with modules, so when you need to use an app you don’t have installed, it can be loaded quickly and with as little data usage as possible just by downloading the needed modules.

A great example given at I/O is finding a product like a camera bag on Google. Hitting the link to B&H will seamlessly open only the part of the app you need rather than the mobile site, all without installing. You can even check out with Android Pay with no hassle.

If the process is quick, this will make shopping, viewing content, and more much easier on the internet. Native apps are so often superior to the mobile site, so having them available without lengthy install times is awesome. And best of all, this feature will be available for all devices Jelly Bean and up, so Android N won’t be necessary!

What do you guys think of this new feature? Is it useful? Leave a comment!

Source: Android Police

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