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Google Home, Google’s answer to Echo, is official


At Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, the company has just announced its answer to Amazon’s popular Echo device: Google Home.

Google Home is an absolutely gorgeous device utilizing Google’s new Assistant service, a conversational assistant that will eventually be able to do everything from buying you movie tickets to ordering dinner right to your front door. Coming later this year, Google Home will use advanced listening to be able to answer your Google Search questions, play movies and videos, control your smart home and much more. Google Home will also be totally customizable, coming in a variety of colors.

Google Home is very much still in the development stage, with no release or pricing information available at this time. The point of Google announcing it so early, aside from obviously helping to stall Echo sales for those who would rather wait, is for third-party developers to begin integrating their services now.

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Source: Google Home

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