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Google Home may be using Chromecast internals


Google Home was announced at Google I/O, promising to change the way you do things around your house. It’s similar to Amazon Echo, able to control aspects of your home just by telling it what to do. It’ll be powered by Google Assistant.

According to The Information, the Google Home hardware is essentially a Chromecast with extra parts like a microphone and speakers. It’s not an Android-powered device, nor does it need to be. Since Google Assistant is all in the cloud, Google Home doesn’t actually need to do much processing other than sending network commands and playing media. A Chromecast seems to be the perfect fit.

Of course, when we’ll be able to buy Google Home, we won’t be paying for the hardware. We’ll be paying for the ability to use Google Assistant in a connected home, which should be great if Google manages to pull it off. The cheap hardware shouldn’t be a problem; in fact, it might even provide a reasonable price when Home launches.

Via: The Information

Source: Engadget

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