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Google is on a roll releasing new apps … for iOS


In the last two days, Google has released two new apps, a guide to Google I/O and a brand new keyboard, both for Apple’s iOS.

Gboard is a new keyboard meant to combat Google’s mobile search problems. In the suggestive text row above the keyboard on iOS, Gboard adds a button that allows users to perform searches and call up Google Now-style cards right in the space the keyboard normally occupies. It also allows users to search for GIFsĀ and emojis in the same place. This way, iOS users never have to leave the window they’re chatting in to look up when a restaurant closes or how far away a movie theatre is. Google is apparently researching how to bring the app to Android, but for now it’s an iOS exclusive (Google doesn’t face the same issues with search market share on iOS as Android, so it makes sense).

The other app just released for iOS is a Google I/O guide. This app already exists on Android and is your handbook on what’s happening at Google I/O 2016.

The releases shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, Google has always been platform agnostic, but it’s interesting to see an app like Gboard come out for iOS only. Both apps can be downloaded now from the App Store. Let us know in the comments if you use both iOS and Android, and if you want to see Google’s Gboard grace both platforms.

Google I/O 2016

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