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Google posts Android Wear Material Design guidelines

Android Wear material design guidelines

Making mobile apps isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to apps for smartwatches. The regular information-dense mobile app won’t work on a smartwatch, so things have to be done very differently. To help developers, Google has released some Material Design guidelines for making apps for Android Wear.

In the simple-to-follow guide, Google discusses how to make an app that works well on a tiny display on one’s wrist. The guide talks about having very few buttons that are large, simple navigation, small amounts of data per screen, and more. It’s definitely interesting, and it really makes sense why such features are necessary when you consider how small the display on a smartwatch is.

If you’re a developer or you just want to see what goes into designing a functional watch app, hit the source link and look through the guide. With Android Wear 2.0 already announced, developers will have a lot of work ahead of them.

Source: Google

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