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Google Spaces makes it easier to share with a group

Google Spaces

Switching between apps to share content has been the basic strategy for quite some time, but Google wants to make it a bit easier to share content with friends and family without having to leap around from one app to another. It’s called Spaces, and Google has just announced it ahead of Google I/O. The company has plans to talk about it a bit more at the conference, but has decided to launch the new app a little early.

With Spaces, Google is hoping to make group sharing even easier by removing the need to jump from one app to another. To do this, Google simply built Chrome, Google Search, and YouTube into the app, and then made it possible for folks to share that content and message one another to discuss the topic at hand. When a user shares new content, there’s a conversational view that will let the user see what everyone in the group is saying about it.

Google made it easy to find content shared within Spaces, too, with an option to search within the app to find what was previously discussed. It’s easy to create a new space by letting users invite others with a text message, through social network, or via email.

It’s available for all Gmail users, with apps for both Android and iOS. It’s also available on desktop and the mobile web. At the time of publication, however, Spaces has apparently not rolled out just yet, so if this is an app you’d want to use, check the Play Store throughout the day.

Does anyone out there think Google should have built these features into Hangouts?

Via: Official Google Blog

Source: Google Spaces

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