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HTC has ended the production of Nexus 9

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Last month, the Nexus 9 manufactured by HTC was officially pulled from the Google Store. There were still options out there for the folks that might want to buy one, but as far as Google’s online store went, stock was depleted for good.

Now, as reported by CNET, it looks like HTC has gone ahead and pulled the plug on manufacturing the Nexus 9. HTC did confirm that it still has some units available for sale on its official website if you’re so inclined, though, including both the 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi models. If you prefer LTE on your tablet, HTC has the 32GB LTE Nexus 9 for sale, too.

It’s worth noting that HTC isn’t ending production because it’s been hit with gaps of demand, apparently, but instead because the device has just reached the end of its run.

Did you ever buy a Nexus 9?

Source: CNET

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